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Denomination: Which One?

I was raised under a particular denomination. Growing up I was never really exposed to other denominations. I was curious about others for sure, but it wasn’t until I stopped going to church and decided a few years after to check out other denominational options, along with a friend of mine that I got to experience the variety. This brief exploration opened my eyes up a tiny bit of what other denominations are like.

Some people may think: “Church is church. Who cares which one you go to?” After attending a variety of them I’d say it does matter. Not all use the same Bible translation, have differing views on baptism, sing old fashioned hymns or sing more worship songs that are like CCM and some are flashy while others are very plain. All these different attributes mold and shape your faith views.

I recently took a quiz to find out which denomination fits me and my views best. First round I got Episcopalian and the second time I took it I got Baptist which is very different. I think when I was taught certain things I just believed at face value versus being made aware there were other stances within Christianity. It’s scary to think outside one’s denominational box.

So does denomination matter? I believe it does. Now I just have to sort out which one I agree with and fit best in…….


Church: Stepping Out In Faith

This morning I’m going to try a local church. I haven’t attended one since Christmas Eve 2018 or 2019. Of course holiday services don’t count in my opinion. The last time I consistently attended was fall of 2009. So it’s been FOREVER.

Am I nervous? You bet. Not nervous spiritually, but I haven’t been in a decent sized group of people in 1.5 years. The biggest crowd I’ve wandered through is walking through a mall last fall. Even watching dense groups in a TV show, news or movie give me anxiety. Thanks Rona.

Besides being nervous I’m excited. Like Christmas Eve excited. I’m excited to meet new people who may become potential friends who are local. I’m excited to hear the new sermon series. I’ve listened to 3 sermons by this particular pastor last week.

Could I cave into my fear and stay home to listen to the sermon virtually? I could. Would anyone blame me? No, a lot of people can relate, BUT I am sick of living in fear. The enemy wants to keep me secluded. I need community, spiritual guidance and friends,. Here’s to stepping out in faith. Now all I have to do is take one breath at a time.


Current Read Is A Doozy

I know some might look at this book cover and think what a fantastic book of fiction. But is it fictional? This book covers A LOT of information and is not that long of a book. First night reading it I got in 64 pages. My brain was like, “Overload, overload! Take a breather.” So I did.

Researching topics like this can be tricky. I commend the author for publishing this book. Some things aren’t wanting to be uncovered. I’ve collected a number of books on the topic above and it’s mind boggling at times, but as a believer it’s making more and more sense.

The disturbing thing is that average Christian is completely clueless and in the dark about so much. If you are like me and waking up to being aware of the wizard behind the curtain, then please either comment below or contact me directly. I’d ❤️ to connect and fellowship with others who are waking up.


Sinner’s Prayer

Have you prayed the sinner’s prayer? I did. I was in either preschool aged 4 or 5, or in kindergarten. I have a slightly foggy recollection of kneeling and repeating the words. I even recall which room at school I was in.

Did my prayer stick? Do I feel saved? Honestly, sadly no. Throughout my childhood I’d recommit at Christian camp. As an adult looking back those alter call moments seem staged. You get the music just right you could convict anyone that they need to repent and say the sinner’s prayer. Music can be used as a form of coercion. Not that this camp or that church used it in that manner, but I can see how it could be used in that way. That scares me. How many believers are out there thinking they are good to go because of one single prayer? How many false converts are out there?

Did I say the prayer out of my need to be a people pleaser? How many other people pleasers didn’t want to disappoint a family member or pastor? When you are little and the adults ask you in a serious tone you don’t take it lightly, but on the other hand how immature is a kid that’s only 5? They are the epitome of immature. Especially when it’s regarding one’s soul. Yes, children can understand basic right and wrong, but to heap that kind of spiritual heaviness on a child disturbs me. I believe someone should be old enough and mature enough to fully understand what they are committing to.

I was 9 when I was baptized by my grandfather and my local pastor. They asked me in front of the congregation what is baptism to me? I said that it is like marriage because you are making a vow to God. There’s the influence of me watching “Highway To Heaven,” as a little kid. Ah, no wonder I had early theologically Catholic mannerism’s and thought process.

I do believe that God does nudge us to come to Him. Next topic I’d like to tackle is OSAS.

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Premium Idol

What is this? I’m talking about being addicted to looking at photos of premium Bibles. Guilty, guilty and yep, more guilt. A premium Bible is a very nice Bible. It’s the Jaguar or Mercedes of Bibles. They can be made from calfskin or goatskin.Some can come in different colors: firebrick red, blue, purple, green, and yes, the classic black or brown as well. Don’t get me started on their butter smooth paper.

Once you acquire a premium it’s hard to settle for anything less. Bounded leather doesn’t have the same feel or faux leather, or imitation leather. Honestly even writing about this topic makes me ill.

As I was saying the addiction of looking at pretty Bible pictures is a thing. Is it just me? Am I the solo weirdo? If I’m not alone, please comment. I want to get over this addiction.

Addiction, Bible

Bible Addiction

I admit I have an addiction. “But it’s the Bible, how can that be a wrong kind of addiction?” Owning a number of different Bibles doesn’t equate to actually reading them.

Lately I’ve felt very convicted on this. There are places where owning just ONE equals imprisonment or worse. I know some people have collections. A good friend of mine has a very nice collection and she uses every single one throughly. That I admire, but my addiction has to stop. John 5:39 comes to mind: “You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; and it is they that bear witness about me.”

Is my addiction a form of comfort to me? I believe it is. It’s almost like owning so many makes me feel safe; like a spiritual cozy blanket. I’m sure that sounds very bizarre. I think a part of me wants to the find my ‘ideal one,’ but there are always new ones coming out. It’s like trying to keep up with the new shiny Apple iPhone. A new one is not going to do squat unless I actually read it and engage with the author of the Word.

If you also, have this addiction I’d love to hear from you. If you are reading this and don’t own one, but would honesty like one, please comment or reach out to me via my Contact page.